According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, wood floors are, indeed, hypoallergenic, resulting in a significant benefit to those with asthma, allergy, and other upper respiratory challenges. They're also not a haven for pollutants, like dust mold, animal dander, or undesirable substances tracked in from the outdoors that can circulate in the air for everyone to breathe in. Keep in mind that hardwood flooring has fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process than other flooring materials. That can be improved even more by making sure finishes and solvents without VOCs are used.

Deforestation is not an issue

Hardwood is highly renewable, and you should also remember that since hardwood floors last for decades, there's very little or no replacement needed; that results in minimal waste! Some hardwoods, such as oak, white ash, beech, and pine, are more sustainable than others, but they are all protected by government regulations, so growth rates always exceed the harvesting number.

To be extra sure, work with a company with a reputation for valuing environmental protections. At Bob's Carpet Mart, we are fully committed, so talk to us when shopping for wood flooring in the Tampa Bay Area. Another way to tell is to look for certification from organizations like the California Air Resources Board (CARB) or the Forest Stewardship Council or Greenguard. 

Also consider manufacturing

Manufacturing is also critical when selecting an eco-friendly product. Hardwood is entirely natural, with no adhesives or chemicals needed. The manufacturing process can result in waste with left-over raw materials and chemicals. Look for a hardwood manufacturer that uses waste management alternatives to reuse and recycle 99% of the harvested tree. For example, wood chips and sawdust become paper, and other composite products and old wood pulled up from closed offices and factories become the trending reclaimed flooring. 

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