This refers to the floating floor technique, and it’s one of the many benefits for waterproof floors, also referred to as engineered vinyl.  This technique, which is fast and uncomplicated, means that the pieces click together to mat and then hover without any nails or glue.  Subfloors need to be clean, dry, and level; sometimes, the installer will sand the subfloor to even it out since imperfections can telegraph to the surface. Feel free to visit one of our showrooms to explain more when you are shopping for waterproof flooring in Tampa Bay.

What is waterproof flooring?

This is luxury vinyl, engineered with a technologically advanced core, the WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite); these cores won’t peel or ripple no matter how much, or for how long, it experiences liquid.  When something is waterproof, it is entirely impervious to liquid, and no water can penetrate the core.  Waterproof flooring is constructed with 100% watertight materials instead of being treated with coatings or backings. Whether spilled on or submerged, it will come out looking fine.

Why should I install this if luxury vinyl is waterproof?

This gives a higher level of protection with no time limits regarding how long it can be submerged. As an example, someone we know splits his time between two regions of the country.  He came home to an appliance flood, but there was no damage because he had waterproof flooring.

Does it have the same style as luxury vinyl?

Yes. The designs are inspired by nature and available in a wide assortment of matte, gloss, and high gloss colors.  Images are taken with 3D photography, so they are vibrant with micro beveling and embossing to add depth, dimension, and textured appearances.  It can be cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood or square, groutable, tile-sized pieces to imitate stone or tiles. 

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