Carpet flooring is one of the cleanest, most sanitary surfaces around. All worries disappear, whether you have allergies or asthma, kids who sit and play on the floor, if you’re concerned about pet accidents, or if you think about cleanliness in general.

Technology: playing a big role in stain-resistance, antimicrobial properties, and strength

Some of the innovative advances in clean-technology are:

  • Microban Technology. Enabling you to have a cleaner rug without having to do the extra cleaning, this offers 24-hour protection against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.
As you know, mold and mildew are major triggers for those with allergies, asthma, and any respiratory problem.

It always keeps your room smelling fresh and feeling comfortable.

  • SmartStrand fiber innovation. Permanent stain and soil resistance are built right into the fiber.  It's in the DNA you might say.
The SmartStand fiber technology was tested in a rhino cage when it was placed for two weeks in the home of Max, a 5400 rhino.  That equals the weight of 337 pugs and 135 messy four-year-olds.  At the end of the two weeks, the rug had no damage and all the mess hosed off easily with warm water.

It’s a pretty good chance that if it survived a 5400-pound animal, it would easily survive your house pet!

You can find this in Karastan carpet, which is known for its luxury and functionality. Any rug that has these technological advances is ultra-strong.

Other benefits of carpet:

Besides cleanliness, a rug is great for:

  • Noise insulation!  It provides cushioning so echoes and vibrations don't bounce off the walls.  You can't hear footsteps, beeping devices, or muffled conversation.
  • Temperature control:  Rugs absorb, they don’t transfer hot or cold.  If a room is chilly--or warm--the rug helps it stay that way. 
  • Providing safety:  It has good traction, so kids or pets who run can slow down as they turn corners.  It also gives a soft fall.

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