Waterproof floors are fast becoming the "go-to" flooring for anyone who wants style, high function, and peace of mind. A WPC Floor (wood plastic composite) is an advanced version of luxury vinyl (LVF) with the same style, function, and affordability as LVF. Instead of the typical (waterproof) vinyl composites core, you have WPC, a thick, dense core that won’t peel or ripple no matter how much water it’s exposed to or for how long.

Someone we know was away for three weeks.  He returned home to an appliance flood, but there was no damage because he had these floors. The counterpart is the SPC (stone plastic composite core), which has the same protection level but feels more firm and rigid while WPC is soft, warm, and flexible.

Sophisticated, high-end style

The floor is an amazingly realistic echo of wood, stone, or tile, available in a large assortment of colors and patterns. Technology has revolutionized photography; the images taken digitally are so clear and vibrant; you’ll see every knot, wormhole, raised grain, and veining variation. The floors are embossed and beveled, adding depth, dimension, and textured looks such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed.

Like LVF, it can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards or stone slabs, or groutable, tile-sized pieces.  Finishes are available in matte, gloss, or high gloss colors.  Feel free to come into our showroom when shopping for waterproof flooring in the Tampa Bay area.


The thick, top, clear melamine wear layer protects the floor from scratches and scuffs, making it impossible to "walk-off" the image. It should measure 20-mils.  Vinyl thicknesses range from 3-mm to 8-mm.

A WPC floor is easy-care, with just a regular sweeping and periodic mopping needed.  Installation can be a snap (literally) when it is a floating floor. The pieces click together, mat, and hover over the subfloor, which needs to be clean, dry, and level, with no nails or glue required.

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