While there are indeed many benefits of carpet flooring, before you choose to install it in your home, it's a good idea to get to know how soft surfacing is manufactured, to better understand the product and how it should perform. However, and perhaps what’s most essential, knowing these crucial details will allow you to be a more knowledgeable shopper when searching for renovation materials.

Soft surfacing: A five-part manufacture process

Typically, soft surfacing is created with a five-step process:  

1 – Tufting – is when the main backing material, normally a polypropylene base, has fibers woven onto it. The polypropylene base offers support for the fibers during the tufting process.

2 – Dye Application – is applied in a two-step process normally. The first step, often known as pre-dying, is when fibers are dyed before the tufting procedure. The second step, typically known as carpet dying, involves color being applied after tufting.

3 – Finishing – is the last part of the process, where a latex coating is applied to both the primary and secondary backing of the surfacing – which is normally created with woven synthetic polypropylene material. Here, a large heated press squeezes the primary and secondary backing together to ensure they’re well-attached and preserve their form.

4 – Shearing – is the final step of the manufacturing process and essentially involves applying the finishing touches to the soft surfacing, such as leveling off uneven ends and removing loose fibers. Additionally, this step also achieves fiber tip definition.

5—Inspection – Though it is not exactly a step in the creation process, inspection is indeed an essential part of the manufacturing method, assuring color uniformity and eliminating any potential defective pieces before the flooring is packaged.

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