You could say Karastan® carpets helped to revolutionize the carpet and rug industry.  Since the company produced its first rug almost 80 years ago, the name has been recognized for quality and innovation. It is one of the most established names, is associated with quality and innovation, and, today, Karastan offers a wide range of fiber options, as well as patterns, textures, and styles.

Microban Technology:  Taking sanitary to a new level

Karastan carpet comes with complete care and cleaning guide. It is strongly recommended to use Microban, a sanitizing spray that smells like citrus, offering both antimicrobial and stain-resistant protection. Microban Technology enables you to have a cleaner rug without the extra effort, providing 24-hour protection against the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, keeping your home smelling fresh at all times.

Karastan also offers Smartstrand fibers, providing extra durability with permanent stain resistance that’s built right into the fiber. 

Benefits of carpet

As beautiful as carpet flooring is, it’s just as much of a workhorse. Carpets absorb noise so vibrations don’t bounce off the walls and create echos.  If you have a hard surface and layer it with a rug, you’ll find the room much less noisy.  Rugs also provide cushioning, so you won’t hear tapping footsteps or muffled phone conversations.

Carpeting also has excellent traction so you won’t slip and fall.  If it does happen, however, it provides a soft landing.  It’s nicer to fall on soft surfaces rather than a hard one.

A rug also aids health.  Study after study shows that pollutants and particles get trapped in fibers where they remain until deep-cleaning.  That means these particles don’t fly around in the air, improving the quality and not exacerbating allergy and asthma symptoms.

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