This must be one of the first things you tell the retailer. That is because every room has its own set of challenges and priorities and what works for one room may not work for another.

Since 1969, family-owned Bob’s Carpet & Flooring has been guiding customers through the often-overwhelming process of selecting flooring.

Do you have any extra needs?

Thanks to technology, there’s a carpet to suit virtually every need, style, and budget.

Before you even walk into the store, have some basic information about your lifestyle. Do you have kids, pets or elderly residents?  Do you entertain frequently? Are you planning to install it in a small, dark room, or one that is very sunny and hot?

When you relay this information to the flooring pro, it will give him or her a good idea as to where to start.

What’s the best carpet for the living room?

The answer to that question depends on whether that room is the center of family activity or used mainly for entertaining.

A low pile (short, tightly woven fibers), like a Berber or any cut and loop patterns, are easier to clean and more durable.  Also consider the Triexta fiber which has permanent stain-resistance built into the fiber, especially good for families with pets. Many say it’s even stronger than nylon.

If you entertain infrequently, you can go with a higher pile; A Saxony comes in many styles, has the luxurious velvety look, and falls in the middle somewhere between high (long, loose fibers) and low pile.

Other commonly used rooms include:

  • Bedroom.  People want soft, plush flooring in this low-traffic room, so your carpet can be a high pile like the shag or frieze.
  • Home office/library.  The priority is mobility, with office chairs, bookcases, and file cabinets.  The last thing you need is long, twisty fibers that get tangled up in these floors.
  • Stairways.  The concern for this very high traffic area is durability and safety.  Carpet must fit around railings and provide a solid foundation for the foot, so no one slips and falls.  The lower pile is best.  
  • Family room. Durability and stain resistance are needed, so go with cut and loops or the Triexta fiber.

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