There are many reasons why anyone would want engineered hardwood flooring but efficient handling of Florida’s humidity and moisture might be reason enough. Wood floors often move to adjust to the weather. With humidity planks expand and crowd to make room for each other by cupping and warping. When the weather’s dry the planks shrink, causing gaps and squeaks.

This type of wood floor has a construction that makes it stable and better able to handle water. Any hardwood movement can be eliminated with a simple process called acclimation. Some don’t want to do this, however, so they gravitate toward engineered hardwood floors, which do not need acclimation.

Although no floor should ever be submerged in water, these are water-resistant floors with less chance of warping. There are also more installation possibilities since it can be installed in some higher-than-normal moisture areas where the solid version cannot.

What is engineered hardwood?

It’s a layered product. Whereas solid is one thickness, with the fibers running parallel to each other, engineered has a slab of wood species on top. That gives it the beautiful undertones and interesting knots, swirls, grains, and other variations that we've come to expect.

Underneath are at least three layers of genuine wood combined with a little resin. The layers criss-cross each other and this is what gives it stability, but construction is the only difference. Like solid, it can be sanded and refinished and it adds real estate value to your property like any other.

Are there any other differences?

Yes, the installation technique is different.

Solid requires a tongue and groove insertion, then the floor is nailed, stapled, or glued with extensive subfloor restoration. The floors also cannot be installed over concrete because of dampness.

Engineered floors offer a floating floor technique, which is fast and uncomplicated. Pieces click together, form a mat, and hover over existing subfloors, including concrete ones. The only requirement is that subfloors are clean, dry, and level.

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